Siberian Storm Tips

Many people say that slot machines are all just luck. We’re sure there’s more than an element of truth in what their saying, but with careful play and observation it’s possible to increase your chances of taking money out of Siberian Storm. Anyone with half a brain can can come up with bankroll management, which simply put is not risking all your money at once. If you’ve got £100 to spend on slots, have five sessions of £20 as opposed to banging it all in at once hoping for some instant action.

Advanced strategies on Siberian Storm usually involve attempts to predict when the slot will hit a hot running moment. This is when the action comes fast and furious or you hit the free spin round. The technique is simply, the longer you go without a big win, the more you raise your stake. Then, hopefully when you hit a big win you’re paid back way more than you’ve paid into the machine. If you choose to play this game in this manner then you should decide on a strategy and know how much you’re going to raise your play stake after what set amount of spins.

As we mentioned in our review, Siberian Storm can be a very volatile slot, costing a high amount to spin, but paying big on the prizes. Whilst some slot games advocate a slow and steady wins the race type, this is not one of them, it’s a real beast of a machine that can make you or break you. Thus it’s important to know when you’re well in front, take the money and buy yourself that new coat or if you’re really lucky, a car and smile of into the distance.

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