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Welcome to your Siberian Storm Slot fan-site, the number one place on the web for all kinds of strategy, secrets and skills that can help you get the best out of this highly polished new tiger themed IGT online slot game.

We’ll explain to you the secrets of the Multi-Way Xtra system and tell you how to maximise your chances of taking a lot of money out of this game. We will even give you a few pointers as to how you can spin the Siberian Storm Slot reels for free at our recommended Online Casinos. For you real money players out there we have picked the best free money deposit offers on the web. It’s time to experience a Siberian Storm – Best of luck!

Where to Play

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About Siberian Storm

If it’s online gaming entertainment of the highest order with a bit of bite you like then you've hit the right website. Now is the time to let loose the tiger inside you and spin the reels like thunder with the Siberian Storm Slot game.

This ground-breaking slot from IGT became the most popular land based casino game of 2010 in Las Vegas and beyond is now taking the online world in its claws. (I was going to say by storm but that’s too much).If you haven't been bitten by the craze yet then wait no longer as this game is amongst the most exciting online casino slots the world has ever seen.

Once you have had a bite to play you'll certainly agree this game will be a roaring success in 2012 and beyond. Don't just take our word for it jump right in and give this superbly crafted game a whirl for yourself today and be proud to look the tiger in the eye.

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Siberian Storm Tips

Many people say that online slot machines are all just luck, we are sure there's more than an element of truth in what they're saying, however with careful play and observation it's possible to increase your chances of taking money out of online slot games.

Anyone with half a brain can come up with bankroll management, which simply put is not risking all your money at once. If you've got £100 to spend on slots, have five sessions of £20 as opposed to banging it all in at once hoping for some instant action.

We are pretty certain that Siberian Storm is a slot game that likes a “little and often” approach, our recommended online slots houses will allow you to play from as little as pennies to allow you to adopt this gaming philosophy.

The most important message of all while playing the Siberian Storm Slot is to always play responsibly.

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